Dear friends, 


Guess what?  Several panelists on our vaccine documentary screening had their Facebook accounts disconnected yesterday.  That's 3 days before the event. All on the same day...and it has never happened to them before.  So, we can add Facebook to the censorship squad! 


Censorship is due to fail


'They said' autism is genetic...yet my child recovered from it

'They wanted' to stop our vaccine safety event in Brussels...yet we did it and everyone came

'They are trying 'again and again and again'... to censor movies and debate, this time in Cannes


We'll thing is sure, we'll never stop.  We'll be there 'again and again and again'.  Tell me I can't...that gives me extra motivation.  

Truth has its own life.  It works its way like a drop of acid, or a chemical can't stop it, you can't go back.  Too late.

The truth about vaccines is coming out, and we will gain or keep freedom over our own bodies and make our own choices. 

And for those who say it's impossible: at least stop breaking the balls of those who are trying!


Who are 'they'? The media-pharma-science-politics network that wants to shut down every single vaccine question, debate or criticism all over the world.  Maybe the n°1 economic power on this planet, defending the most profitable product in all times: vaccines.  


An organized network 

Track down all 'vaccine information events'.  

Send the information to some key activist who have a 'victim profile' who will ring the alarm on these ‘criminals,’ these 'antivaxxers', and call for ...

Threat raids and defamation actions.  

Call the venues, harass them by  telephone, blogs, and social media, blackmail or insult them until they 'back off'.

Write smear articles...Buzzfeed, Times, Mirror, seem to indulge this. Last February, an antivax headhunter even boasted “I'm gonna have all your events cancelled, you'll read it in the papers”.  Indeed. In London, the papers published the cancellation even before the organizers even knew about it.  Paul Offit, the famous vaccine expert ‘likes’ this kind of attacks. That's called 'hand in hand' collaboration.   


The other maneuver is to divert the attention of the public by concentrating everything on a scapegoat.  

Case in point: the BBC film crew in Brussels.  They refused to enter the theatre and see the movie, 'Their orders were against it, anyway'.  They were only waiting for their prey to come in and launch the attack. They did not care about vaccine victims or children who recovered.

A child that beats autism with appropriate healthcare is not a story to tell.


The French press was a bit more hesitant...with 40% of the people who do not trust vaccines, it's understandable. But the mechanism is the same.  After a 70-minute interview with Le Parisien, where I clearly explained that before taking a position on vaccination, one should at least have honest information about vaccine safety and parallel conflicts of interest...the result of these 70 minutes was an article on 'who are the anti-vaxxers?'.  No mention of the full title of the movie, not a line on its subject, not a word about vaccine safety. 


Arrogance and humiliation techniques 

All this obnoxious dish is served with the extra flavor of 'Debunking Mockery' and 'Evidence Based Arrogance'.

This is about the lowest one can go in terms of denial, lack of empathy and personal dishonesty: contemptuous words that reflect contemptuous deeds.  People who juggle with statistical data and then triumph over your misery.  Lobbyists who pretend to be 'highly scientific', so scientific that there can be 'no debate'.  Sense in Science is one of them, a pharma sponsored lobby in Brussels, another branch of the network.  Statistics have never cured anyone.  They do not explain anything about medicine, how the life principle is at work.  It's the science of marketing and manipulation, not medicine.  But today statistics seem to have a higher value than real life say your child had seizures hours after a vaccine that triggered them?  Well, 'evidence based medicine', says you are wrong, our statistics don't validate your reality...How evil and indecent can it really get?


New pervasive 'Communication guidelines' 

Watch the same tactic applied everywhere internationally.  Make it a game, you can see it's been 'thought and taught'. 

The term ‘vaccine safety debate' is replaced by 'vaccine hesitancy' classes.

Since vaccine safety cannot be questioned, one should only focus on how to get rid of the people who do it. What is their 'psychological profile'?

Intelligent?  Curious? Critical? Caring? Brave? Or perhaps criminal? The Boston Herald had a simple answer last week 'questioning vaccines should be a hanging offense'.


Benign childhood diseases suddenly become 'dangerous' and 'a priority'. For the last 5 years, no one has died of measles in France or Belgium but, we have a 'red alert'.

Then this very simple trick, real mastery: when a young, Swiss man fighting leukemia died after a vaccine last month, the word 'after' or 'because' was simply replaced by, 'in spite of'...and in case one had doubts, they added 'doctors wonder how he came in contact with the disease'.

Of course, you will not need to do all this analysis anymore.  'Fake news debunkers' will simply give you the luxury to turn off your neurons and blindly trust whoever Google and 'mainstream media' is gonna tell you to. 

I can already predict their stories:  As Hillary Clinton and the WHO said it 'The earth is round, the sky is blue and vaccines are safe'.

You see, there is no's such a wonderful fairy tale🌸🌸🌸


Next to all of this, there remains: REALITY.  Real people with vaccine injured children, real fraud with real experts who confessed their crimes, real whistleblowers who went after the truth and risked their lives and careers, real lawyers who took it to court...


Wanna know about it?  Well start by watching the 50 hours or more recent documentaries on vaccines. All have included the scientific data that you can look up by yourself.  Vaccines revealed has a 370 pages file that you can order with all the references and documents proving their claims.  Any error, any mistake, any fraud or false accusation they would be 'sued to the moon and back'. 


Vaxxed, Man Made Epidemic, Trace Amounts (mercury), The series 'The Truth About Vaccines' and 'Vaccines Revealed', The Vaccine Syndrome (anthrax), Vaccine Syndrome (SBS), Injecting Aluminum are just the most recent of those movies that 'EVERYONE SHOULD SEE' as Robert de Niro puts it.  Join people at screenings or watch them on DVD or via streaming. Get informed and ask questions.  This is about real people, real lives. About yourselves.


Also listen to Andy Wakefield's interview on censorship at the Paris premiere